This Data Analysis in Software Engineering (DASE) book/notes will try teach you how to do data science with R in Software Engineering.

It is a work in progress.



  • PRESI: TIN2013-46928-C3

    • amuSE TIN2013-46928-C3-2-R
    • PERTEST TIN2013-46928-C3-1-R
  • QARE: TIN2016-76956-C3

    • BadgePeople: TIN2016-76956-C3-3-R
    • TESTEAMOS: TIN2016-76956-C3-1-R
  • Network SBSE (SEBASENet): TIN2015-71841-REDT

  • TestBUS PID2019-105455GB-C32

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